We notarise & legalise documents for use anywhere in the world



NOTARIAL SERVICES for companies and private individuals
We notarise for life sciences, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics companies, private and business aviation, high-net worth security services and luxury brands


Spinks Notary provides notarial services to businesses and private individuals engaged in overseas activities. We authenticate and certify documents, making them valid for use in foreign jurisdictions.

  • We provide straightforward advice on complex issues
  • We always confirm how much the process will cost to conclude upfront and in advance
  • We notarise documents for company directors, authorised signatories and private individuals
  • We prepare documents for use abroad on behalf of business entities and other organisations, including limited companies, PLCs, LLPs, sole traders, partnerships and charities
  • If you are moving or working overseas, getting married abroad, selling or purchasing a holiday home, we will notarise your documentation for use in the foreign jurisdiction
  • We can arrange 'apostille' and 'legalisation' applications on your behalf, as and when necessary
  • We can arrange for the delivery of your notarised paperwork to the foreign jurisdiction by courier


Notaries are experts in preparing all sorts of documents for use overseas.

Foreign jurisdictions routinely expect the substance of fact within documents or statements, together with the identity of the person or organisation presenting them, to be authenticated, certified or verified through 'notarisation.'

In England and Wales, notaries are appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, with delegated authority from the Queen, and are regulated by the Court of Faculties of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Notaries Public represent the third and oldest branch of our legal profession and use their official signature and seal of office to authenticate and certify signatures, authority and capacity relating to documents to be used abroad.



Spinks Notary is led by Fiona Spinks, Notary Public, Solicitor and Commissioner for Oaths, a legal practitioner of 20 years’ experience.

Spinks Notary is a dedicated notarial practice, offering an efficient, contemporary service. We tailor our services to meet your bespoke requirements.

Based in South Cambridgeshire, we are conveniently placed to serve local businesses and individuals around Cambridge, Saffron Walden, London Stansted Airport, Royston and more. By prior arrangement, we can meet at your office or at the offices of Spinks Notary.

Fiona’s professional expertise is diverse. As well as practising as a solicitor and notary public, Fiona has a detailed knowledge of professional regulation, compliance and quality standards having worked with the Law Society, the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority and local government.



We will do our utmost to help ensure your documents succeed in foreign legal systems and courts.

Choose us because we:

  • are a legal practice dedicated to the provision of notarial services
  • meet the exacting requirements of each notarisation
  • prepare all forms of notarial instrument
  • confirm our fees in advance
  • notarise documents prepared in most European languages
  • work with your advisers in the United Kingdom and overseas
  • offer access to an excellent notarial and translation network
  • are committed to providing excellent standards of legal practise, alongside superb client care



We regularly notarise for luxury brands, security services, private and business aviation services, corporate and private businesses.

We are experienced in notarisation for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, biomedical, cosmetic, intellectual property, corporate, commercial, private, retail and charity sectors.

We work closely with our clients and their teams of advisers here in the UK and abroad. Our meticulous approach has satisfied the requirements of legal systems and courts around the world.

Our corporate clients most commonly require notarisation of

  • Company incorporation and/or identification
  • Foreign company or branch office formation
  • Tenders, contracts and agreements
  • Proxies and powers of attorney
  • Documents issued by regulatory bodies in the UK (e.g. Free Sale, MHRA, DIT Certificates)
  • Export documents
  • Tax documents
  • Share transfers
  • Property transaction paperwork
  • Intellectual property licences/assignments/trademarks/patents
  • Court documents
  • Employee relocation documents


As well as notarisation, your documents may require 'Apostille' and 'Legalisation'. Without these, the documents may be invalid or unenforceable (or both) once they arrive in a foreign jurisdiction.

Please click below for more information.

We can advise you on the process needed, confirming prices and an estimate of timescale in advance. We regularly lodge applications with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and with the foreign Embassies and High Commissions based in London.

Some foreign jurisdictions require notarised documents to include an ‘Apostille’ certificate. These are issued by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (‘UK FCO’).

The UK FCO maintains a record of each notary’s signature and seal. When an application for Apostille is received, the UK FCO will check the information provided against its records. If satisfied as to authenticity, an Apostille will be issued and attached to the reverse side of the notarised documents. The standard application process can be expedited at an additional cost.

Some foreign jurisdictions require documents to be ‘legalised’ in addition to the Apostille certificate process described above. The documents are submitted to the relevant foreign Embassy or High Commission for legalisation with any additional paperwork that is needed. The fees and time it will take for a document to be legalised vary, but it can be expensive and take several weeks to conclude.



Please read your document(s) carefully. Make certain you understand their meaning and effect and, should you have queries, raise these with the lawyer/person who drew up the document as soon as possible, rather than your notary.

Please provide your notary with:

  • All relevant paperwork and instructions, preferably by email
  • Your full name, date of birth and address
  • Company/organisation name (if appropriate)

When a document is not written in English:

  • We will usually need to see a certified translation
  • If you do not have one, we can arrange one for you and will confirm the translation fees in advance. We can manage most European languages.

Please bring to your appointment:

  • The document(s) to be notarised
  • A form of photographic identification (original passport, driving licence or identity card)
  • A proof of address (original electricity/gas/water bill or bank statement, less than 3 months old)
  • If signing on behalf of another individual or a company, we will also need to check your authority to sign in that capacity
  • Often two Directors or one Director and the Company Secretary are required to personally attend to sign company contracts or deeds.
  • When signing on behalf of a company or other organisation, we will need to check your personal identity and your authority to sign in that capacity.
  • You may need to provide the relevant power of attorney, board resolution or other company/organisation documentation to demonstrate this authority.